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Alessandro Ramera

Managing Director & Founder

  • Alessandro has many years of experience as a management assistant for a well-known Bergamo-based industrial company.
  • He has assisted the industrial group in the processes of internationalization for all activities, from the branch constitution to the start of local productions in USA, Brazil, India and Central Europe areas.
  • Before these experiences, Alessandro has covered roles in Sales Management, developing several industry application sectors, focusing on the Automotive one.
  • He also served as a managing director in an Italian industrial company.
  • He has worked with numerous top-level advisors to coordinate corporate restructuring.

Carlo Ramera

Director Partner & Founder

  • Carlo began his career in the commercial sector in which he has accumulated experience in all activities. Since 1999 he has held experience as product manager for Corporate clients.
  • After the commercial experience he covered the role of director of a manufacturing company for the production of components for the OIL & GAS industry, creating a globally recognized brand.
  • He was appointed managing director on the board of two American companies and for two years and was chief operating officer.
  • Carlo directs the management of our North American operations and is director and founder of FABBRICAITALIA.